Rajani Gudlavalleti

ruh-juh-nee good-love-uh-lay-tee

Photographer: Kiera Edwards, Eyeline Images

Location: Graffiti Alley, Baltimore, Maryland

“this chaos contains life and a great transforming energy”

James Baldwin. 1959.

In this space, Rajani offers her writing, facilitation, and organizing to add to multiple intersecting movements towards liberation. Essential to her work is her identity as a second-gen South Asian South Indian-American queer cis-woman; adding more hyphens to herself everyday. Her work focuses on advancing social justice at the intersections of public health and the legal system, namely via her role at Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition. In the “writings” section, explore and interact with her essays and poetry. In the “offerings” section, learn more about the consultation services she is currently providing. In the “connections” section, reach out to her directly to build relationship.


of organizing, growing, expanding

Baltimore Asian Resistance in Solidarity

Founded in February 2015 by Rajani Gudlavalleti, Sine Hwang Jensen, and Sophia Mak, BARS brings together Asians and Pacific Islanders in Baltimore for learning, mutual support & radical organizing.… read more.

Baltimore Racial Justice Action

Founded in 2003, BRJA takes action for an equitable world. Rajani was trained by and since 2015 has served on this multiracial team of racial justice trainers. Visit BRJA’s website for the theory behind their practice… read more.

Equality Labs South Asian Power Building

A political home for South Asian Progressives, Equality Labs is an Ambedkarite South Asian progressive power-building organization. In 2020, Rajani began learning from these brilliant leaders… read more.

Gardarev Center Fellowship for Writing

In 2018, Rajani was a fellow in the Gardarev Center Education and Research Residency Program. Tucked away in New Hampshire for a week, she worked on essays exploring identity through personal stories and social analysis.… read more.


from co-facilitators & contractors

Ebony Nicholson, MSW | University of Maryland, Baltimore

She engages with her audience by asking thought-provoking questions, providing examples to activate their memories or a new way of seeing an issue, and holding space for questions.”

Anthony Jay | Baltimore Racial Justice Action

“You are TRIPPING! A sentence! How am I supposed to sum something up in a sentence. I’ve watched you slay dragons, walk on water, and fly, and you want me to sum it up in a sentence. “

Shanti Flagg | FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture

“We were extremely productive and Rajani was really flexible, which helped us get done what we needed to do. She’s great to work with, talk to and is a wonderful solution-oriented listener.”

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