AAPI Heritage Month #31

May 31, 2023 How does AAPI Heritage Month serve you? When I have chosen to engage in it, AAPI Heritage Month has served as a dedicated avenue to lean into systemic political analysis, community organizing, and public education. The underlying premise being that AAPIHM is not for me or us, but a time to mobilizeContinue reading “AAPI Heritage Month #31”

AAPI Heritage Month #30

May 30, 2023 Edward Said’s term “orientalism” describes positioning of us as a threat to “the West,” validating war and imperialism. Reflections? The Orient. An “olden days” term sparking images of trade ships and bazaars. Language for the magical mysteries of the unknown. Suburban Chinese restaurants with dingy fluorescent lighting and perfectly fine ma poContinue reading “AAPI Heritage Month #30”

AAPI Heritage Month: Week 5 Prompts

Monday, May 29, 2023 We have made it to the final week of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! This has been so revealing and relieving. I have used the past week’s theme of politics to really dive into specific areas that I have been eager to explore for a while but never carvedContinue reading “AAPI Heritage Month: Week 5 Prompts”

AAPI Heritage Month #27

May 27, 2023 Does the term “person of color” apply to you? In fall of 2014, I participated in a 7-week workshop series by Baltimore Racial Justice Action (BRJA) designed by and for people of color. That is the term BRJA uses to describe people with Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander heritage. The workshopContinue reading “AAPI Heritage Month #27”

AAPI Heritage Month #26

May 26, 2023 Describe your first friend of your race or ethnicity. Wide-eyed and full to the brim with joy Small in frame Heavy in love Our friendship had two iterations Meeting in a middle childhood Trick-or-treats and rollercoasters Rejoining in a teenage adolescence Sleepovers and third wheeling dates Indian Club for solidarity beyond myContinue reading “AAPI Heritage Month #26”