AAPI Heritage Month Writing Prompts

Monday, May 1st, 2023

I won’t lie, I was inspired to do this from a commercial. At the movie theater. Before “Dungeons and Dragons” played. Like, where the least attention is paid to commercials because most people are busy spending extraordinary amounts of money on popcorn and sugar drinks.

There we were, KN95-ed-up, ready to get nerdy while trying to be as safe as possible in a continuous epidemic, as some AAPI actors come on screen. Mind you, my attention is also perked at the sight of fellow Asians because #representation. These actors talk about how nice and cool Asian people. It’s cringey. I take this as an obvious Hollywood attempt to, I don’t know, end anti-Asian violence?

This cheesy commerical was “for” Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. That is when it happened. I realized I had forgotten about heritage month. After it has played a role throughout my life: childhood multicultural weeks in the 1990s Bay Area, and over a decade of community organizing to highlight AAPI people as part of racial justice movements. I just, forgot.

The question is, why do I care that I forgot? This is where the writing prompt idea came to light. I need to stop and think. I want to understand how AAPIHM serves me. I want to know how it serves the AAPIHM people in my spheres.

I offer this writing prompt practice to fellow AAPI folks to explore our heritage and hopefully, ourselves. Throughout the month, I will post my reflections and hopes others will share theirs with me (at no obligation). While I will offer 31 prompts for the 31 days of the month, there is no pressure to keep up everyday. Reflect on what speaks to you and leave the rest. Please share with the AAPI people in your life and tag me as able. Let’s use this month for some introspection.

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