Compassion is that one fucking friend…

May 25, 2022. Compassion is that one fucking friend, you know the one. They are always exhausted while somehow maintaining unconditional positive attention on your every word. And you’re like, “Yo, I say this out of love — you need a break.” And they’re like, “You’re so right. I just need to carve out aContinue reading “Compassion is that one fucking friend…”

message from the Sun, part 1

The Sun has manifested us. manifested constructs of time and space carrying for us past present future The Sun has witnessed us. witnessed every moment of warmth on our skin imprinting us for generations The Sun has developed within us. developed an awareness of our churning power our potential power for re-generating The Sun hasContinue reading “message from the Sun, part 1”


March 24, 2021. I am afraid to be a leader. Assassination. Cancellation. Overwhelm. Paranoia. Fatigue. Assassination. Limitation. Disappointment. Disappointing. Constrained. Assassination. Frustration. Boundary-less. Loneliness. Rage. Assassination. I am afraid to be a leader [who is an honest authentic loud dark-skinned queer woman of color because I don’t want to be assassinated].

life amidst death

January 1, 2021 Life amidst death. Right now, this is how I choose to capture the year 2020. Within these three words — life amidst death — there is a universe. An ever-evolving, ever-adapting, beyond comprehension, heart-wrenching, heart-expanding, destructive, chaotic, sensible universe. If not for 2020, it may have taken me far too long toContinue reading “life amidst death”

Untangling Hinduism: Liberation for South Asians?

November 14, 2020 I have taken this year to better understand what I mean by liberation and then begin to build the pieces to achieve it. It feels hypocritical — and exhausting — to be a harm reduction and racial justice community organizer demanding justice for all people marginalized by state violence if I don’tContinue reading “Untangling Hinduism: Liberation for South Asians?”