AAPI Heritage Month #12

May 12, 2023

Write about an AAPI thing that makes you laugh.

A desi family with a tiffin or two at a public event surrounded by non-desi people is the absolute best sight.

I laugh because it starts as a nostalgic smile about my own family showing up to Oakland A’s games with containers of lemon rice, idli, vaious curries, and pickle. I laugh at the amma usually giving absolutely zero fucks what others think or smell or judge on about, she is going to make sure her family is fed well. It is hilarious (and often correct) for South Asian parents to assume that public events won’t have good food, especially for families used to flavorful, spicy vegetarian food. I laugh because standard American fast food is so basic and South Asian parents are so much better at food.

Plu, awkward Americanized kids will always make me laugh. I think about my brother and me just somehow goofily existing in the world. Now as a happily childless adult, I out loud guffaw when looking at the little kids with ridiculous haircuts, usually done at home with a bowl and craft scissors. (I promise I don’t point and laugh!). These little Brown beings so uncomfortable about the smell of their food or others staring. They just don’t know yet how to truly appreciate these gifts… and I’m sitting there with the flavorless vegetarian option from the food stand because I don’t take the time to cook. I just want to soothe their nerves but also I am so happy their awkwardness is gracing my presence.

Also an honorary mention must go to seeing uncles standing around anywhere, and especially in an unexpected place. Recently I saw a gaggle of uncles at a mall in Prague. Hands folded at the small of their backs. Having a conversation that is hybrid verbal and nonverbal language. Throw in strong mustaches and I’m completely sold.

Indian vegetarian Tiffin made up of stainless steel, includes pappu (dal), chole (channa), rice, chapati

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