Got nothing else planned

June 2014


*smiles* “Um, no. Guess again.”

*booming laughter* “Ah, a game! Kenyan?”

“I’ll give you a hint. I’m not African.”

“We are all African!”

“Good point. My family is from India. I was born and raised in the States.”

“Ah an Indian from America! Do you work for the CIA? Because you should! You are the world!”

“Ha, well, I’d have to support U.S. military first… which I don’t… so I’ll stick with fighting racism in the U.S.”

*booming laughter*” Ha! I like you. You shall come with me to the pyramids. Come now, the car is waiting.”


“Do not fear, my Indian beauty! I am a Nigerian. We are harmless.”


“Eh, screw it. Got nothing else planned.”

*booming laughter* “You are funny! Yes! Let us go!”

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